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EHF meeting

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EHF meeting

EHF meetingDuring today's European Housing Forum meeting, representatives from about 15 housing associations gathered at FIEC's office to listen to Ms. Raquel Cortes Herrera, Deputy Head of Unit "Disability and Inclusion" at the European Commission. Ms. Cortes Herrera gave a presentation about the housing aspects of the Pillar of social rights. The presentation focused mainly on the Principle 19 “Housing and assistance for the homeless”. Ms. Herrera reminded participants that the Pillar was not introducing a new legislation but was merely a policy guidance for Member States.

The presentation was followed by the Q&A session, where participants asked precisions vis-à-vis the inclusion of the social pillar in the country-specific recommendations, as well as the involvement of DG EMPL in the Urban Agenda Housing Partnership.

Following the presentation, participants had an exchange of views on the current policy initiatives (EPBD, EED, European Semester, ...).

The next EHF meeting will take place in the course of November.