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European Construction Forum on "Construction 4.0"

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European Construction Forum on "Construction 4.0"

The European Construction Forum holds today a meeting on “Construction 4.0”.

The European Union of Developers and House Builders (UEPC) will attend the European Construction Forum with a delegation composed of Filiep Loosveldt, UEPC Managing Director, and members of the Secretariat.

The goal of the meeting is to review the draft manifesto presented by the drafting committee, which UEPC is a member of. Though participants to the meeting broadly agreed with the draft and the seven points agreed upon, some comments were made by some associations. Comments focused mainly on the questions of jobs, data, cybersecurity, ...

The drafting committee will meet again in the coming weeks to discuss those comments and think of thoughtful ways to incorporate them in the draft manifesto. It will also think of a visualisation of the main numbers of  the construction sector.