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UEPC attends the SRI Stakeholders meeting

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UEPC attends the SRI Stakeholders meeting

UEPC will attend today the "Smart Readiness Indicator of Buildings" Third Stakeholder meeting at the Albert Borschette Congress Center. The meeting will focus on the proposed methodology for calculating the SRI, through two case study buildings (office building and single-family house); the catalogue of services and impact ratings; as well as the intermediate results of the impact modelling.

The discussion clarified the selection of services and domains in a SRI assessment; the services and their economic value; the interoperability; the changes on domain-level weightings; and most importantly the implementation of the SRI.

The draft second progress report of the study will be shared by mid-June. The final report is due by 26 August. The next stakeholder meeting will take place by the end of 2018 under the framework of the second technical study.