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European Housing Forum meeting on German housing finance system

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European Housing Forum meeting on German housing finance system Download

Filiep Loosveldt attended the European Housing Forum (EHF) meeting on 17 December, which discussed the German housing finance system of ‘Bausparen’. Mark Weinrich, from the International Union for Housing Finance explained that Bausparen or a Contractual Savings System involves a contract on the part of a customer to save an agreed amount over a prescribed period in return for a commitment on the part of a credit institution to provide a loan, at pre-specified terms and of which the amount is dependent on the amount saved. Bausparen is characterized by fixed, below-market rates on savings and subsequent loans. By design, Bausparen attempts to insulate customers from financial market volatility. An important part of the appeal of this system lies in the promise of loan availability at a predetermined rate of interest. The next EHF meeting will take place in February 2015 and will focus on the INSPIRe-project;, a four-year long, EU funded project that is tackling the problem of high-energy consumption in older buildings by producing systemic “plug and play” renovation packages that can be applied to residential buildings. 

Please find full presentation by clicking this link.