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EPP: "Energy efficiency measures must be cost effective"

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EPP: "Energy efficiency measures must be cost effective"

According to the European People's Party, According to the European People's Party, the European Union has been very efficient in lowering greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining economic growth. In fact, more efficient use of energy - while not the only factor - has enabled the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions by 23 percent since 1999 and at the same time achieve economic growth of 46 percent.

With a revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive coming up in autumn this year, Markus Pieper MEP hosted an EPP Group hearing with the aim of preparing his implementation Report that will feed into the revision of this Directive.

"The Energy Efficiency Directive needs to be reviewed  to ensure the best cost-benefit ratio and to avoid unnecessary costs", Markus Pieper pointed out at the hearing which attracted around 150 participants from all stakeholders.

The Energy Efficiency Directive has been in force since June 2014 and the results of the implementation process will now be put into an implementation Report in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee with Markus Pieper as the European Parliament's Rapporteur on the dossier.

"There is a strong interconnection between the Energy Efficiency Directive and several other legislations in the field like the Building Directive, the ETS, eco-design and circular economy to mention just a few.  Each of these contain rules, standards, incentives and reporting duties. Therefore, it is crucial to look at mutual obstruction, the administrative burden this legislation creates and to ensure consistency between the laws", Markus Piper says.