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UEPC attends European Parliament's Water Group event

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UEPC attends European Parliament's Water Group event

The meeting was chaired by the Water Group's President, MEP Richard Seeber (EPP/Austria), who was flanked by MEP Sophie Auconie (EPP/France) and a representative from EUREAU, Almut Bonhage. 

MEP Seeber touched upon the issues that were dealt with during the last legislative term and which would definitely come back on the next term's agenda: water quality, water efficiency and access to water. It was discussed how water efficiency comes in many dimensions: scarcity of water is one problem, whereas efficiency in providing water services is another. An interesting contribution in this respect was given by Ms Bonhage, who enlightened the participants on the transport role of water: since it carries so many other resources (heat, phosphores, nutrients,...), she brought up the idea of how to recover these resources in an efficient manner. UEPC pays particular attention to the issues of water efficiency and water resources.

The Water Group's next meeting will be held after the summer recess.