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UEPC attended the Green Week Conference on environment policy

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UEPC attended the Green Week Conference on environment policy

One of the conference's topics dealt with "Resource Efficiency Challenges in the Building Sector", and three speakers participated in this panel.

Frank Hovorka (MRICS, Head of Real Estate Sustainable Development Policy) described the challenges of how to integrate sustainability in investment policies and highlighted the importance of data on housing since data (surface, quality of materials, acoustic levels,...) have an increased information value and help to convince investors.

Christine Marlet (Eurogypsum, secretary general) explained how the value chain of waste recycling in her sector of plasterboard looked like, what effects the processes of recycling and dismantling had on costs and which Member States were avant-garde in dismantling practices.

Finally, Karen Allacker (KULeuven, Assistant Professor in Architecture) took the floor and discussed the three approaches towards the sustainability of buildings: a holistic approach that would take the whole lifecycle of the building into account, a consistent approach which is applicable at all different scale levels (building materials, work sections, buildlings and neighbourhoods) and sustainability also needs to be considered from the very beginning of the design phase so as to reduce costs for changes afterwards.