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UEPC attends Land as a Resource conference

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UEPC attends Land as a Resource conference

On 19 June, UEPC attended the Land as a Resource Conference. This conference comprised a variety of different topics, ranging from national and regional experiences regarding land use to what the EU would come up with as possible solutions for the changes taking place in the use of our land.

In particular, David Ludlow from the European Urban Research center in Bristol gave a presentation on urban sprawl. He said that housing and industrial sites are contributing to the growth of cities through their periphery. This evolution is triggered by various socio-economic trends including the price of land, individual housing preferences, cultural conditions and constraints and preferences regarding the attractiveness of urban areas.

Simone Ombuen from the Architecture Faculty of the University of Rome, discussed the evolution of a land's functions. The use of land is progressively moving from a private good to a public good and the functions of land become subject to public governance. 

Other issues  on the agenda dealt with the difficulties of reconciling land management and the environment, land concentration and the impacts on jobs, and land multifunctionality.