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European Commission publishes Communication on energy efficiency

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European Commission publishes Communication on energy efficiency

Today the European Commission has issued a Communication proposing a target of 30% for energy efficiency.

See the full text of the Communication here:

The Communication on energy efficiency and its contribution to energy security and the 2030 framework presented today also reviews progress towards the European Union's 20% energy efficiency target for 2020.

The EU is currently forecasting to achieve energy savings of 18-19% in 2020. However, the agreed target of 20% can be reached if all EU countries fully implement the already agreed legislation.

The Commission does not intend to propose new measures, but calls on the Member States to step up their efforts to ensure collective delivery of the 2020 target.

As the Communication announces, the European Commission will review progress on energy efficiency in 2017. It will explore the question whether additional indicators should be used to express and monitor progress towards the energy efficiency target.

This could be in the form of indicators, such as energy intensity, which take better account of underlying changes in and projections for GDP and population growth.

The European Council is scheduled to take a final decision on the new climate and energy policy framework at its meeting on 23/24 October 2014.

The European Parliament will also be debating this issue over the coming months.

UEPC will closely follow all debates at Council and European Parliament level. Energy efficiency will also be discussed within one of the working groups, which are to be launched during the next meetings in Wroclaw.

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